Meet Chelsea

Where to begin. My passion for travel started when I decided to study abroad in Sydney, Australia. I had always loved Finding Nemo and figured while I was in school it was a brilliant idea to live a real life version of it. Living on the other side of the world away from family, friends, my house, my bed, and my car made me open to a world (literally) of possibilities. I tried new foods, formed many new relationships, sky dived over the Great Barrier Reef and saw what it was like to immerse yourself in a different culture. I went alone and left with about 8 new best friends who I still talk to everyday. The traveling did not stop there though. After spending about a year at a 8-5 desk job and spending most of my days day dreaming and researching new far away places, I realized it was time to do this again. And not just go to Europe, take a picture with the Eiffel tower and come back, but to live, breathe, and eat everything in Europe. I am currently living with a host family in Florence, Italy and helping them learn English. I love embracing the uncomfortable here and learning a new language. It is amazing what you can experience when you let go of what your used to.


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